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Are you about to Buy Dedicated Server for your website?  But, you really don’t know if it is worth your budget? Of course, you want to choose the best possible option within a specific budget. And you may want to consider giving up on dedicated servers to save cost. But, before making any decision, here are the reasons why you should consider a dedicated web server plan. The ROI you will get after choosing a dedicated server makes it a completely wise choice. Let’s see how Onlive Server’s dedicated servers can grow your business.

Define Dedicated Server

The word ‘dedicated’ means that you have an entire server just for your website! In this way, organizations that have high traffic or will be in the future should undoubtedly go for dedicated servers.

When you get your own server, you are free to make any changes to it. You can customize the computer, resources, system, add and upgrade software, hardware, reboot whenever you want, and more.

So, you will be in complete control of your server; You don’t have to worry about anyone or anything. Issues with someone’s website will not invade your website’s resources, make your website vulnerable to viruses, or affect your website’s performance.

Buy Dedicated Server


In the mentioned section, we’ll investigate the different benefits that dedicated server solutions offer over other hosting choices, like shared or virtual private servers.

Best Performance

Contrasted with any virtualized solution, also known as cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting will forever perform better. Regardless of whether the two solutions have a similar measure of CPU centers, RAM, and drive space.

There are many variables that lead to poor performance of virtual server and cloud solutions. The first of these variables is the fact that it is easy and common for cloud server providers to oversee the resources of the servers they use.

High Level of Security

When it comes to security, a dedicated server may be the right choice for you. Physical security is also an important factor. When purchasing a dedicated server from a hosting provider such as Onlive Servers, the servers are housed in a secure data center controlled access point for on-site personnel. Onlive Server provides managed services if you want our support to strengthen your server. And keep it secure for the duration of your service.

Best Access Control

With a dedicated server, the client is given regulatory or “root access” to the server. This level of access gives you more command over the hardware and software on the device and would impossible if the resources or data on the server were being shared by various clients. You will actually want to design the server and the assets it utilizes as you see fit.

Quick customization and adaptability

Dedicated servers can be exclusively configured in a huge number of various ways, guaranteeing that you are given the specific hardware that best meets your requirements. Since your processing needs are probably going to change after some time.

Upgrading to a CPU with more cores or higher clock speeds, adding more RAM, or a larger hard drive is quick and easy and usually requires only a few minutes of downtime. When you open a ticket with our sales team, you will be able to discuss the right options based on your growing needs, and schedule your upgrade at the optimum time for you.

Foundation Reliability

These data centers offer excess power sources to keep servers ready for action when nearby power grids fail. Onlive server data centers have a combination of assorted utility feeds and backup diesel generator ability to keep information streaming when the power is out.

24×7 on-premises support

When you configure a dedicated server, you can rest easy knowing that your hardware is backed by 24/7 on-premises support from a team member of the on-site Online Servers. This support is available via phone, live chat or ticket submission assistance at any of our data centers.

Cloud vs Dedicated Server – Difference

Scalability of Resources

Increase or decrease the allocated resources – computing cores, RAM and storage according to the workload. It is very easy and simple with cloud servers.

Onlive Server’s Cloud VPS have scalable RAM, CPU, storage, and robust technical resources to boost your website’s performance.

When it comes to dedicated servers, there are strict specifications and scaling up of resources is a bit tedious and time-consuming task.

Safety and Security

With Cloud VPS, you have to rely on your provider to take adequate measures for further security of the services. Cloud specialist organizations guarantee information security through IT support, secure and encrypted solutions, firewalls and work with backup recovery.

But in dedicated servers, you need to take the necessary measures from monitoring the server resources yourself to upgrading your servers. To protect your sensitive and confidential business information from hackers.


Dedicated Server is best for the online business, because it is powerful than others. It is costlier than other services.