Main Advantages of Linux Web Hosting

Main Advantages of Linux Web Hosting

Windows and Linux Web Hosting:

Despite the fact that you do not make use of Linux Web Hosting for running your personal computer, you can actually take the advantage of Linux hosting provided by some of the best web hosting providers operating in the market. The operating system that you use for the desktop PC will not influence your selection of website hosts. Hosting is made easy with Linux website servers. The most important hosting activities are the same for both Windows and Linux website servers. However, the benefits that you get to reap with the use of Linux servers are quite huge.

Linux Web Hosting Plans

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Benefits of Linux Web Hosting:

Since the operating system of a server controls the vital and the most basic functionalities of the server, users need to be aware of the benefits they will be experiencing when going for Linux web hosting.  By going for the services of the best web hosting providers, users cannot just expect excellent hosting assistance but even easy access to the invaluable support coming from an active and huge community of talented and helpful developers. Since Linux is a highly progressive podium, new ideas get rapidly created by the developers and innovative work can easily be carried out.

Generally speaking, Linux website hosting has earned a lot of popularity for its security and stability. Users even get the benefit of making the effective use of Open Source software that comes for free.

The users can expect an additional speed enhancement for their sites being hosted on Linux platforms. This is mainly because Linux is known for performance and speed. The performance and speed of Linux can even be attributed to yet another important advantage and that is the flexibility of the platform. Linux is highly flexible in that it is perfectly suitable to serve as a finely tuned and ideal configuration. This means that system administrators can easily configure Linux servers in a way to perform at the maximum level.

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Some frequently asked questions about cheap and best web hosting are as follows:

Q. What are the two types of web hosting services offered by hosting providers?

Ans. Majority of the Cheap Web Hosting providers offer Windows and Linux web hosting services.

Q. What is Linux hosting?

Ans. It is shared hosting and is considered one of the best hosting services because of its flexibility and affordable price.

Q. Is Linux compatible with MySQL and PHP?

Ans. Yes, it is highly compatible with MySQL and PHP which support scripts like Zen Cart, phpBB and WordPress.

Q. What is Windows hosting?

Ans. In Windows hosting, Windows is used as the operating system of the server. This kind of hosting provides Windows-specific technologies like Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL server and ASP.NET.

Q. Is it necessary for me to use Windows hosting if my computer runs Windows?

Ans. No. the hosting type you select has nothing much to do with the OS running on your computer.

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