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Onlive Server As a top-rated WordPress Hosting Company, we have provided Best VPS Hosting for WordPress to our clients for a long time. We are committed to providing you with the best WordPress solution. With the Best WordPress VPS server, you will be able to manage. You can also customize them to the growing needs of your web projects by adding resources through the Onlive Server control panel.

An Introduction to VPS Hosting for WordPress

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server, and WordPress VPS hosting means that your hosting provider has a physical server, which hosts multiple VPS. The importance here is that the server functions of a VPS are similar to that of a dedicated server. It provides you with an environment with dedicated resources for your website and business application projects. The RAM and CPU capacity of our VPS platforms makes them particularly well optimized for hosting websites created using WordPress. You can customize them to meet the growing needs of your web projects by adding resources through the Online Server Control Panel.

Is VPS Hosting Good for WordPress?

When it involves WordPress sites, you would like a VPS for better performance and security to handle an outsized number of traffic. VPS is a better option to reduce your workload. Most of the websites are linked with WordPress as it is a reliable source to manage your business easily.

When your WordPress website goes beyond shared hosting, the best upgrade options are either VPS hosting or managed WordPress hosting. VPS hosting gives you more control and flexibility over your servers. It offers much of the flexibility and features of a dedicated server without the high cost.

Who needs VPS hosting for WordPress?

VPS hosting for WordPress is particularly useful for those that are tech-savvy and wish a tailored hosting base but do not have the means necessary to get a dedicated server. WordPress VPS hosting has similar functions to VPS hosting, with minor differences in that it is specifically tailored to the needs of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

When does a WordPress site need VPS hosting?

Actually when the traffic of your website becomes so much then you need VPS hosting. You need dedicated space for your WordPress website. If you have large bandwidth and storage space with VPS hosting plan then you can run a WordPress site with VPS hosting.

Why is it Good to Host a VPS for a WordPress Website?

Hosting your WordPress website on a VPS server is a better option than shared hosting for a few reasons. The most compelling motivation is that shared hosting lets you divide assets among others that dial back your website and give you trouble overall. However, on VPS hosting, you are in charge of each allocated asset which makes your website exceptionally fast and effective.

Which is better VPS hosting or WordPress hosting?

VPS hosting is a type of hosting in which a large physical server is divided into smaller parts for better utilization of servers and resources, here you can allocate a single server to a single website. WordPress hosting is like a shared hosting environment specially developed for WordPress websites.


Choosing your host is just as important as choosing the right hosting plan for your website. That’s why Onlive Server recommends Best VPS Hosting for WordPress. Onlive Server is the platform where you want to buy any type of hosting services then we provide you affordable plans. For newly started businesses, you can get Linux Reseller Hosting to upgrade your business website. Just contact us for more information about hosting services and their plans.