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A Netherlands VPS Server hosting company is called Onlive Server. They provide cloud servers, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers (VPS). Unlike shared hosting, which allows other users to access your websites’ server resources, a VPS kind of server enables you to install anything you want on it. This indicates that the server has all the resources you might possibly need to quickly expand your internet business.

About Netherlands VPS Server

A powerful server called Netherlands VPS Server Hosting offers you the ideal way to host your websites, applications, and other digital information. Numerous industries, including hosting, development, and e-commerce, might benefit from the utilization of a VPS Server.

Our servers are built with the most up-to-date technology and functionality to handle even the most difficult tasks. They are a fantastic option for your business needs because they are incredibly solid and safe.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients at extremely reasonable costs. For all of our products, we also offer technical support around-the-clock.

Top Benefits of a VPS Server

Virtual private server (VPS) servers are servers that run virtually on your personal computer and have more capacity than a typical server. RAM and processing power are examples of the added resources.

The following are a VPS server’s major advantages:

1. Because it has more resources accessible for your website, it is faster than a typical web hosting server.

2. You don’t need to purchase separate web hosting plans for each website because you can host several websites on your VPS server under a single domain name.

3. You don’t need to wait for updates or pay additional fees to use all the tools and software you need to run your website.

4. You don’t need to worry about updating your software every few years because it can take hours or even days, depending on how many users are using the site at the time.

5.You can run numerous programmers simultaneously without experiencing any lag time or freezing problems that may happen with ordinary shared hosting plans if you have high-performance hardware and a quick network connection.

Types of VPS Server

1) Dedicated Servers: These VPS servers are the most expensive since they need specialized hardware and CPU power. Since the dedicated server has its own OS and RAM, it can execute any kind of software without experiencing any issues.

2) Cloud Servers: Multiple users share cloud servers, which don’t need any hardware or additional equipment to set up. The cloud server runs several virtual machines on a single physical server using virtualization technology, all without impacting the server’s performance.

3) Linux VPS Server: The most common and dependable kind of server is a Linux VPS server. This kind of hosting is perfect for companies that need a high level of performance, security, and scalability. This form of hosting’s key benefit is that it is simple to manage and set up.

Features Of VPS Server

1. High Performance:

The most crucial factor you should think about when choosing a VPS hosting package is its performance. It’s because the effectiveness of your website closely correlates with the success of your company. A solid VPS server will provide you far more benefits than any other shared hosting package, if you can find one. Multiple websites with various needs can be hosted on a VPS server, and even better, you can expand or downgrade the RAM or hard drive space whenever you want without experiencing any downtime.

2. More Space:

Numerous hosting providers provide low-end shared hosting plans with constrained storage capacity as well as sluggish speeds and subpar functionality. On the other hand, if you select a high-end shared hosting plan, there won’t be enough space for all of your website files, and files will be scattered across several folders on the hard drive, making them slow and putting a lot of strain on your system resources when loading large files into memory all at once. However, if you select a premium VPS server, it will have infinite disc capacity, allowing you to install tens of thousands of websites without fearing that you will run out of space after installing just one.

High Security

We are the top hosting company in Netherlands, and we give our clients the highest level of quality and security. At Onlive Server, we put a lot of effort into offering the infrastructure required to give your website a high level of performance and security. Our servers are situated in Netherlands’s most secure data center zone, which is guarded by top-notch monitoring and firewall technologies. Additionally, we offer technical assistance that is available around-the-clock to make sure your website is always operational.


Stability: Our dependable VPS server has undergone testing and certification to provide the greatest performance for you. Our customer service team is here to serve you around-the-clock and will assist you in any situation.

Security: To protect your data from outside dangers, our VPS server is equipped with a cutting-edge firewall, network monitoring, and intrusion detection system. If you have any technical questions concerning your account, you may also contact our support team.

Load Balancing: The Best Netherlands VPS Server has a key function called load balancing, which makes sure that the resources are split across several machines so that each user gets their fair portion of resources.

SSD Storage: All of your files are kept on the server using the SSD storage. This guarantees improved performance and quicker response times.


As a Netherlands VPS hosting provider, Onlive Server offers its clients high-performance servers and a simple control panel. The business additionally provides fantastic features and advantages to its customers. A variety of various cloud hosting plans are available, and you just pay for what you use.