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Best Cloud VPS Hosting—Know the Benefits

When your website starts to improve, it certainly gets more traffic. It is important to manage and manage web traffic properly. Or, the performance of your website can be greatly affected. This will eventually lead to you losing your potential customers and the expected profit.

If you host your website on a reliable hosting server, it is ensured that your site is up and running day and night. Since the development of virtualization technology, users have leaned heavily on purchasing Cloud VPS Hosting Web Services.

What makes them choose a virtual private server to host their site? How has VPS hosted in Cloud VPS hosting overshadowed shared server hosting in recent years? In the next sections, we will find out.

VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting

In the next section, we will discuss the difference between VPS hosting and shared hosting to understand the benefits of having real private servers.

  • A shared server is a program used by many users to host their websites. On the other hand, a virtual private server is a part of a system built around a virtual server.
  • Shared server hosting enables you to share server location and resources with hundreds or thousands of users. Conversely, you do not need to share web services with your neighbors’ users on VPS hosting. Although, you will still share the location of the visible server.
  •  It is true that you cannot have private and private hosting with a shared server. But the Best Cloud VPS offers a unique and visual platform for hosting websites.
  • With shared server hosting, you can’t control your server. However, you get root access to your server through private server hosting.
  •  Cloud VPS hosting makes it easy for your website to have a unique IP address. In contrast, on hosting a shared server, you do not need to share the IP address of your website with other websites.

When should you upgrade to Cloud VPS Hosting?

We recently passed the difference between a shared server and a VPS in the previous section. They talk a lot about why a virtual private server provides better hosting services than a shared server. Let’s find out when you need to upgrade to a Best Cloud VPS to host your website.

1. If you are worried about safety

The virtual private server provides a secure hosting space. That’s because it makes your website have a private forum for it to work. No other third party will have access to the intervention of your website. In addition, you can have other advanced security features, advanced monitoring capabilities, and additional support space with Best Cloud VPS Hosting.

2. If your website gets a lot of traffic

Virtual private server hosting provides dedicated service support. In addition, it also offers high scalability. That means you can measure your services or improve your system according to the needs of your website. So, with the high availability of web services, your website, or app can work well even under traffic peaks. You do not need to put your website at risk of slow performance or crash. Especially, if you have the option to switch to the visible private capture system.

3. When you need to install custom software

As mentioned earlier, VPS hosting gives you access to your server. With root access, you can authorize customization and configure your server. You get the opportunity to install the required operating system, software, and any application.

4. If you have a tight budget

Most users are aware that a dedicated server hosting can handle all the needs and issues associated with a hosting website. However, you should know that it comes with a huge investment. If you are not ready for the pricing option, you can always think of a Cloud VPS Hosting. Virtual private server hosting is a different form of dedicated hosting. Promotes dedicated server performance even after making you share the same server location with users. And most importantly, a virtual private server can be purchased at a very low cost.
Look at the Onlive Server.

While you know about when to upgrade to Best Cloud VPS, you should look for a reliable hosting provider. Onlive Server is one of the leading and most popular web hosting companies founded in 2010. The company is best known for providing affordable VPS hosting for Best Cloud VPS Hosting in the web hosting industry. In addition, it does not compromise with world-class services with any cheap virtual private server hosting plan. It is possible to outperform your competitors and grow your business easily in the fast-paced world with corporate VPS hosting. Keep reading to find out more about its excellent features.

Features of Onlive Server’s Best Cloud VPS Server Hosting

1. Common backups

You can find data storage features that can be used weekly. This will ensure complete data security for your website. You get a chance to save your big file on time. In addition, you can access the entire system in a short time.

2. Enhanced Security

Onlive Server provides OnliveServer’s Best Cloud VPS with a standard and high-quality security base. You can have server security and DDoS protection with all entry-level VPS packages. In addition, your website data will find protection from all cyberattacks and data breaches.

Best Cloud VPS
Best Cloud VPS

3. Service Level Agreement

You will be offered a service level agreement with all hosting plans. It will ensure maximum privacy, a 99.99% downtime network.