8 Things that you didn’t know about Memory Foam Products

If you are looking for a queen size mattress online, in all probability you must have heard about the memory foam mattress, such is the popularity of memory foam products! But there is so much information about the product online that it can get overwhelming to decide the truth from the myths.

So here are 8 interesting and true facts about memory foam products.

1. Memory foam mattresses align to the body contours

One of the prime features of memory foam mattresses is that it aligns to the contours of the body giving way to even distribution of body weight. This makes way for added comfort and better spine alignment.

2. Memory foam products are non-toxic

The chemicals that are used in the memory foam products are non-toxic. This means even though memory foam is synthetic in nature, it is a safe option for babies and toddlers.

3. It was first developed for NASA

The memory foam mattress design was first developed for NASA with the aim of cushioning the astronauts against the jolts while landing. It was then used in hospitals before it finally hit the market as a consumer mattress.

4. They help to check allergies

The use of memory foam products prevents allergies. Since memory foam is dense in nature, there is not much space in the design for dust, dander, or dust-mites which is a common problem in traditional mattresses otherwise.

5. They prevent pain

With a memory foam mattress, there is less stress on the different pressure points of the body. It is for this reason that the body is more comfortable and experiences less pains and aches.

6. They are temperature sensitive

Memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive in nature. This means they adjust the temperatures according to the temperature of the body. Then there are memory foam mattresses that are infused with cooling gel. They are ideal for individuals who tend to sleep hot.

7. They have a strong odour that is temporary

A new memory foam mattress has a strong odour when it is unpacked but this is temporary and generally fades away pretty soon. The strong smell is the sign that the mattress is new and straight out of the manufacturing unit.

8. They are excellent for side sleepers

Since memory foam mattresses are known to improve alignment of hips and shoulders or the spine alignment, they are regarded as a great choice for the side sleepers. Side sleepers are also the most common kind of sleepers.

So whether you are looking for a single bed mattress online or double bed mattress online, choose a memory foam mattress to enjoy quality comfort together with several health benefits.